Song: “The Sky”

I can’t write love songs. I’ve tried. This is as close as I get.

I wound up getting really invested in this, and I’ve written a lot of backstory. Cirrus and Stratus got their powers together, while they were married — something I haven’t seen a lot of in comics. They can fly, but they aren’t terribly powerful; they work as reserves and scouts for the bigger heroes. Stratus felt a lot of civic duty, and Cirrus sort of went along with it, but then Stratus died after being struck by lightning in 2007. Five years later, Cirrus is visiting his grave, still coping with the loss as best she can. If she can’t move on, she’s going to at least keep going.

There’s more to her story. She’s interesting.

Fate put Kimzey McGrath and I together in an 80s cover band and I found my singing soulmate. I am so happy with the vulnerability she shows here; it’s sweet, it’s wistful, it’s remembering the good things when you’ve lost a loved one. It’s how I would want to be remembered.

“The Sky”
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