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July 2020 update

I record everything in Logic Pro X…and my Mac died this month. I have since had it repaired, but it did put me a bit behind schedule on the next song. I have the core instrumental track with vocal now, and I’m doing early mixes while I add a few solo instruments and embellishments here and there. I realized today that it’s a product of multiple influences — it’s sort of Barenaked Ladies by way of Tom Lehrer.

It’s coming, eventually.

The Release Plan for Hero Falls

So, I originally thought HF would be an EP because I only thought I was capable of writing four or five songs. Then I realized, hey, maybe I can stretch it to 8 or 9 and make it an album. Then my long-time friend and much more experienced musician friend Joe Iadanza said “Dude, albums don’t have impact anymore. You should release singles.”

But…that was my whole plan, for two years! I’ve got most of these songs close to done! I have go fever! I want to tell the world! But he’s right. Singles are how people discover music now, and having a constant stream of new content will help new people discover the thing — more opportunities to share socially and increase the chance that it appears in new people’s feeds. Plus, I’m doing a comic-book thing; what’s more on-brand than the idea of monthly issues?

So I’m planning to keep writing and recording steadily, with a release cadence of a new song every three or four weeks. I have various weird story and character ideas that span a bunch of different musical styles, different vignettes from different times in the history of Hero Falls, and relationships between songs and characters that may or may not be evident — but they’re in my story bible. Also, I’m thrilled that more and more of my vastly more talented friends are agreeing to contribute to tracks.

I am very excited about this year, and it’s hard for me to keep such a deliberate pace. But it’s for the best. Thanks, Joe.

Greetings from Hero Falls

Hey there. Welcome to a project I’ve been working on for the better part of two years.

Hero Falls is my first venture into original songwriting. I grew up loving “story songs” — songs that were more about characters and situations than mere professions of love or longing — so I wanted to write something in that tradition. These songs represent moments in time for different characters who have inhabited the town over several decades.

It’s not a musical, but there is a non-linear narrative at work thanks to Katrin Auch‘s skill at worldbuilding. Some of that backstory will come out as listeners connect the dots. That’s part of the fun for both of us.

This is the start of Hero Falls and I hope you like it.