Song: “Two Weeks to Live” (Feat. many guests!)

Last year, I started thinking about how I am surrounded by absolutely incredible, world-class musicians, and what an idiot I am not to invite them to play. I realized I would love to have an excuse to ask them to play on one of my songs. So I wrote an 80s hard rock/metal song around a melodramatic tale of the supernatural, primarily because I thought several people might have fun showing off through it. The solos from Leila-Abdul Rauf, Ry Kihn, Audrey Shida and Brian Poedy were all recorded independently, and I told them to play for as long as they liked. I just sort of hoped they’d all fit together in the final mix, and they did. I then had to try to improve the rest of the song to get on their level.

To top it all off, I clearly do not have a metal singing voice, but Audrey’s sister Kate regularly performs an epic death growl, so I asked her to be the Voice From Out Of The Black. I deployed her power judiciously, but she has some of the biggest impact on the song.

Unlike a lot of other more cryptic songs in Hero Falls, this one is a pretty straight up origin story, where I just laid everything out in the lyrics.

“Two Weeks to Live”
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One thought on “Song: “Two Weeks to Live” (Feat. many guests!)”

  1. It was an outstanding tribute to 1980s Heavy Metal. The solos were phenomenal!! I am an avid fan of Audrey and Kate, and loved Kate’s primal growl. Audrey has among the fastest hands I have personally seen work a guitar. Great job on this one!! ROCK!!!! 🤘🤘🤘👍

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