Song: “Another Hero Falls” (Dan’s Demo)

I am honored and thrilled that Moorea Dickason agreed to sing the final version of this track, but I lived with my guide vocal for so long that I kind of grew to like it. I also wrote the song in a different key, so I wound up rerecording everything for the final version. That makes the demo something of a relic.

So, since I’ve been battling some tech issues and could not finish the current track in progress before the end of the month, I thought hearing how the song evolved between demo and final would of mild interest — and it would at least cover the July release!

“Another Hero Falls” (Dan’s Demo)
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State of Hero Falls, July 2020

I record everything in Logic Pro X…and my Mac died this month. I have since had it repaired, but it did put me a bit behind schedule on the next song. I have the core instrumental track with vocal now, and I’m doing early mixes while I add a few solo instruments and embellishments here and there. I realized today that it’s a product of multiple influences — it’s sort of Barenaked Ladies by way of Tom Lehrer.

It’s coming, eventually.