Song: “Happy Family” (Feat. Blythe Renay)

First, I hate children.

Second, I wanted to work with Blythe Renay since the earliest days of this project. I’d actually asked her to take a crack at “Another Hero Falls” first, but I wound up going with Moorea’s take. But at that point, I realized, okay, I need to write a song specifically for Blythe. Something that matches her voice, her delivery, her ability to be sweet and nasty at the same time. Little did I know she would be immortalized as GenIVIV in Borderlands 3 shortly thereafter — now she’s gamer famous! But she agreed to work with me anyway, and for that I am extremely grateful. She’s kinda one of my favorite people in the world.

The result is a story of a Karen. I started thinking, as I often do, about kidnappings, and if there was a case where someone would do that from a position of mercy. Like, Karen here is selfish — she wants a kid, her henpecked husband has issues delivering the payload, and she’s looking for other ways to grow their family. But then she looks around at all these parents who seem to hate their kids — ignoring them, neglecting them, just looking exhausted and like they realize they have made a terrible mistake that wrecked their lives. So…why not solve both problems at the same time? Frank’s work at the Epicenter gave him access to mind-wipe device from a canceled project, so, you know…what you don’t remember can’t hurt you. Just rearrange the pieces on the game board and everybody wins. That’s Karen logic for you.

“Happy Family” (feat. Blythe Renay)
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