Hero Falls (city)

Hero Falls is a city in the northeastern United States, halfway between Buffalo and Atlantis.

Population: 256,128 (as of 2020)
Official Flag:
Official Seal:
Official Motto: Custodiet Te
Nicknames: The Quantum City

First Established:game th

Scientists do not understand why Hero Falls hosts a wellspring of unpredictable quantum energy; they can only observe it as it creates small rips in space/time. One of these portals might take you to Tahiti; one might take you to Titan; one might take you to Target. The question is, when will you arrive, and will you be able to come back?

Scientists have not yet determined what causes the energy to ebb and flow, but it changes the mood of the town — it might make people more or less aggressive, blissful, or intensely emotional depending on its state. It is blamed for sparking riots, triggering temporary citywide power outages, and occasional natural disasters. The locals have learned to expect the unexpected.

Naturally, this unique energy signature draws people to Hero Falls for various positive and negative reasons. Some find themselves attuned to the energy and cannot stay away; others find it amplifies the voices in their heads; some feel it is proof of a higher power; still others believe they will be the one who harnesses the power for themselves.

The geographical location has proven to be a nexus for unusual activity since the beginning of recorded time, but over the last century, Hero Falls has become known as a place for metahumans, costumed vigilantes, and various anonymous adventurers.

Superheroes exist, and they live in Hero Falls.



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