Name: Bridget Springer
Other Aliases: None
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: May 7, 1983

Hair: Red
Eyes: Pale blue, almost gray
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 5’ 7”

Fire generation and manipulation. Fyrefox can shoot flames from fingertips; when at peak power, flame aura appears. She uses the resulting heat currents to hover and fly within the atmosphere.

Bridget Springer was a gifted student in physical chemistry, graduating with her masters from a full ride through Princeton University in the standard four-year span for a bachelor’s degree. She was offered a position at the Epicenter – a prestigious honor for someone her age – and was in the lab when the Second Surge happened in 2003; she became quantumly entangled with liquid oxygen. (The Epicenter immediately terminated her position, citing their liability clause and her non-disclosure agreement.) Like others before her, she felt a civic responsibility after getting her powers, she took up the mantle Fyrefox and joined three other newbies from the Second Surge (Lucky Ace, Silicon Allie, and Torus) as they found their way together under the team name The Quorum.

She genuinely enjoyed being a superhero for a while, but it disrupted her normal life to the point where she could not hold a job, and Hero Falls only offers a token stipend to all of its heroes – one that was insultingly small. Without a high enough profile, she was never offered lucrative endorsement deals like Silver Savior, so she was always scraping by.

In December 2018 her teammate Torus died attempting to stop a commuter train derailment, a disruption from The Crime Minister. He saved the passengers but wound up being crushed in the wreckage. This affected her deeply, as they were platonic friends who shared that special bond of having learned to be heroes at the same time. Photos of his corpse were shamelessly printed by the local tabloid, along with insincere promises to never forget his sacrifice – but a week later, the city was obsessing over a different celebrity, and within months the entire incident was forgotten as just another day in Hero Falls.

Struggling with grief and realizing his legacy was already forgotten, she began to question everything and lose faith in a city that treats its protectors as disposable celebrities. There was not only no profit in helping humanity — there was no point in being a hero at all. She realized how much smarter she was than many of the petty criminals she was throwing through the revolving jail-cell door, and knew she could do a much better job if she was just willing to compromise her integrity. So if the city won’t take care of her, she’ll take care of herself — by any means necessary.

“Another Hero Falls” 
“Another Hero Falls (Dan’s Demo)”