Song: “The Dinner Party”

It’s about time we got to meet the main villain in Hero Falls. The Crime Minister has been running the underworld and more since 1973. This song explains how he came to power. Bon app├ętit!

I am incredibly grateful to have Jackie Perez Gratz and Travis Kindred both appear on this track, contributing cello and bass, respectively. The addition of real strings is not something I expected, but it totally made me believe in the track more once I had them. Jude Kelley was, as always, super helpful with the organ parts; he not only played the Mellotron choir voices but he suggested them as an addition to what I had.

Also, it’s not clear in the song, but The Crime Minister has a very distinctive real name — Talmadge Garvin Blevins — so a sincere thank you to the real Tal for letting me use his name for such a murderous scoundrel!

“The Dinner Party”
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