Song: “Give It Up For Me”

Imagine being the most powerful superhero in town. You can fly, you can shoot lasers out of your eyes, you can move very quickly. People really love you. You start to love you too. Then, people start to outright worship you…and you go along with it. Imagine doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons.

Truth is, I always found Superman boring, but I really enjoy what-if comic stories like Irredeemable and Injustice. They imagine their primary hero turning against humanity, using his powers for destruction and totalitarianism. Silver Savior is just into himself; he’d rather be loved than feared. He knows he’s the center of attention; everyone’s praise just feeds his messiah complex. To me, he’s Superman crossed with David Lee Roth, with a side of sacrilege. If he sees himself as a party, what better soundtrack in his head than ska?

This song would not sound the way it does without the incredible last-minute help from several friends. A few days before the song’s release, I realized I needed more crowd voices — many more. So I put out a call on social media, and a few hours later I had contributions from more than a dozen people, each singing their choice of harmonies. I am forever indebted to them making this song come to life:

Katrin Auch
Susan Esther Barnes
Stephanie Dowling
Jude Kelley
Nat Loh
Kimzey McGrath
Tim Porter
Sean Redman
Blythe Renay
David W. Ryan
Deirdre Martin Ryan
Erik Smith
Hannah Wolf

“Another Hero Falls”
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Greetings from Hero Falls

Hey there. Welcome to a project I’ve been working on for the better part of two years.

Hero Falls is my first venture into original songwriting. I grew up loving “story songs” — songs that were more about characters and situations than mere professions of love or longing — so I wanted to write something in that tradition. These songs represent moments in time for different characters who have inhabited the town over several decades.

It’s not a musical, but there is a non-linear narrative at work thanks to Katrin Auch‘s skill at worldbuilding. Some of that backstory will come out as listeners connect the dots. That’s part of the fun for both of us.

This is the start of Hero Falls and I hope you like it.


Everything you've heard is true. Musical tales from The Quantum City by Dan Amrich